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    Late afternoon tea, macarons and a weekend of reading.

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  3. Nonfiction table make me heart go boom.

  4. My cat is better than your cat.

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  6. lacigreen:

    my guide to sexual consent is uppity up!  let’s talk about:

    ✔ why consent is rly rly hella important
    ✔ how to ask for consent
    ✔ what consent looks like
    ✔ consent when you’re drunk

    [New Sex+: WANNA HAVE SEX? (CONSENT 101)]

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    It’s Fashion Week. You know what that means. We are this close to new Aila Wang making grown people look severely not stylish photos.

    this is so chic omg

    this girl shitted on my whole life and shes like 4

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  9. viα my-drug-is-fashion: Amanda Seyfried for W Magazine, April 2014 by Craig McDean (edited by me)

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    My all-time favorite book.

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  12. limecrime:

    We are excited to announce that Lime Crime will be coming out with a line of Cruelty-Free, vegan #HAIRDYES! 💜💚💛❤️💙💗 Our goal is to create beautiful colors that last longer and fade gracefully (cause who needs color that starts out pretty & turns to 💩?). Our CEO is our guinea-pig: watch @doedeere’s profile as she personally tests the wear & performance of the product over the next few months. Got a dream color you think we should make? Share it in comments and your wish might just come true! 🌠🌈

    VERY good news. Excited!

  13. On my desk waiting to be finished today … #heartbreak

  14. #books #penguin #market (at Southbank Book Market)

  15. Here is my #nomakeupselfie for #cancerawareness - you can text BEAT to 70099 to donate £3 (or look into a service called Breakthrough, where you can automatically donate £3 a month and it just gets charged with your phone bill, you can skip a month any time and they send you FEEL YOUR BOOB FOOL reminders if your scatterbrained like me. I do it and its super helpful)

    I’m tagging to nominate but no pressure, it’s your call ladies.

    If you think this is lame here’s a helpful article … http://howtosurvivehumansandearth.wordpress.com/2014/03/22/narcissists-vs-feminists-the-war-on-the-nomakeupselfie-give-me-some-bloody-credit/