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" "I think in some ways you do a disservice to people by telling them that their emotions are tied to their time in life, their age group, their gender, their ethnicity. You do a disservice to that, to say you’re this, so you’re experiencing this." - Leena Norms (from her video: "YA, WHAT ARE YOU?") "


Sometimes you just have to buy [unmentioned number of] red lipsticks, even though you’re technically “not a red lipstick person”, because a slash of unreasonable red makes a cheering statement when you’ve been ridiculous and you’re feeling foolish and sad (though it could be said that buying that…

Nice one!

Vintage Car Boot on Southbank this Saturday. Laverly. (at South Bank)

Back when I used to have a fashion blog. Hahah.

Me in first year of university.

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This is my friend Hattie, but more importantly these are her BLOODY GORGEOUS rings.

Caledonian Road, you utter art beast.

We’re up all night to get …

Vintage Car Boot today on Southbank.


Mirrors and Windows by Gabriele Galimberti and Edoardo Dilelle

The portrait series draws insight into the lives of women across the world based on their intimate living spaces.While some have countless possessions, living in the lap of luxury, others are clearly not as fortunate.

The project states: “In a world that is increasingly shaped by global standardization and IKEA aesthetics, this work explores the rooms of the conventional and the eccentric, the rich and the poor, the mother and the single, the pious and the unbelieving, the sports-obsessed and the shopping-addicted, the tomboy and the girly-girl, the tidy and the shambolic… These bedrooms are the mirrors of the history, personality, culture, obsessions and social status of the girls that occupy them, but are also unique windows into these young women’s worlds.

Source: Gabriele Galimberti website

             Edoardo Delille website

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The presence of this on my desk this morning is seriously distracting my work flow. #page107 @hotkeybooks